From Stone to Bone 
gifts from the Creator ! 



From Stone to Bone ! One of  a kind peices..

Welcome to FlintSpirit.com

 My name is Tim Murphy, Owner of FlintSpirit.com. My goal here at Flint Spirit is to offer my art which was created by me using the resources my Creator has so freely given.  From stone to bone, the voice of God speaks. This is a constant fundamental truth! I've always been in awe of nature and the earth we call Mother. I've been blessed with the creative ability to take these gifts and create Flint Spirit art and now I’m able to share it with the world!

Our online store is an active place.  It gives you the opportunity to view and purchase any item listed.  Thank you for understanding that many items listed are (one of a kind) pieces and once sold cannot be recreated.  I will be adding my work as fast as I can. Please check back often.

 Also the ability for my Italian friends to shop in there Italian language will be coming soon… We have a lot of good stuff going on. You don’t want to miss it!!! 

 If you have any special requests contact me, we can talk it over and see what we can come up with.  It’s my pleasure to serve you in any way I can.









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